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Get whiter teeth in as little as 10-minutes per day. This is the same whitening gel that other dental offices around the world use today.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Whitening Products?

No sensitivity, No GMO, Nontoxic, BPA free, Gluten-free, No testing on animals, and 

Celebrity White is safe to use on all teeth.

*sold as a single pen

Carbamide Peroxide (35%)Also known as urea-hydrogen peroxide, is a water-soluble, white crystalline solid compound consisting of hydrogen peroxide. This is the main ingredient that works to whiten your teeth.

Glycerol or Glycerin (21%)Also called glycerol and glycerin— is a colorless, odorless, viscous, and hygroscopic liquid that is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It is made of three carbon atoms, eight hydrogen atoms, and three oxygen atoms, giving it the formula of C3H8O3.

It is also an organic compound containing multiple hydroxyl groups, that acts as an excellent solvent.

Propylene Glycol (19%)It is small organic alcohol commonly used as a skin conditioning agent.

Deionized Water (12.2%)It is water purified by a chemical filtration system that has had its mineral ions such as calcium, sodium, iron, copper, chloride, and bromide removed. Deionized water is extremely purified and slightly better than plain or distilled water.

Potassium Nitrate (6%)It's an organic compound known to help reduce tooth sensitivity by calming the nerve fibers in the teeth. The Journal of the American Dental Association states that dental products containing potassium nitrate as an active ingredient work by blocking the transmission of pain from your tooth to your brain.

Carbomer (3%)It's an emulsifier to help stabilize and thicken solutions with different ingredient solubility. Carbomer helps to control the consistency and flow of the product, as well as provide a smooth, silky texture.

Carboxymethyl or Cellulose Gum (2%)Comes from the cell walls of plants. obtained directly from strains of fibrous plant material. It helps create a creamy or smoothness to beauty products.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (1%)It is used as a binder. It helps the ingredients work together in harmony. This is nontoxic. It is water-soluble. It can be mixed with other ingredients to become a disinfectant because of its safe properties to hold ingredients together.

Menthol (0.5%)It is used is widely used and is considered very safe. The menthol helps to cool and relieve any possibility of discomfort.

Sodium Hydroxide (0.3%)Serves as an anticaking agent to avoid clumping. It also helps improve the texture and shelf life of the product ingredients.

As dental professionals at Celebrity Smiles® Club, we believe we have the best oral hygiene, preventive care, and teeth whitening products in the world.

As professionals and healthcare providers we offer a 100% guarantee on our products.

We guarantee that your teeth will improve by a minimum of 2 shades whiter after using the Celebrity Smiles® Teeth Whitening Products with the LED Light.

We request that you use all of your whitening wands and LED lights, each day, for 21 days.

For more details please check the Our Guarantee page.

If you’re not happy, we will not be happy. It’s that simple.


In the unlikely event that your Celebrity Smiles® teeth whitening experience does not meet your expectations please read below for our guarantee:

To qualify for our money-back guarantee we ask you to follow the instructions below:

  1. Take a photo of your teeth before using your Celebrity Smiles® Club Kit with LED lights.
  2. Take a photo of your teeth after completion of your 1st treatment (Day 1), along with a photo of the used product at the end of day 21. After consecutively using the products.
  3. Email our smile support team according to the instructions listed above. See #’s 1 and 2. Email us your pictures with a date stamp. Send your email to: ask@celebritysmilesclub.com
  4. Your application will be processed within 2 working days of receipt via email.

Please remember to submit your application within 30 days of receiving the product(s).

Your before whiteningday 1 of whitening, and day 21 pictures, must have a valid date and time stamp on your pictures.


You can use a FREE CAMERA TIMESTAMP from your mobile phone APP Store to take your photos. You can download the app here.


* Applications that do not meet these criteria will not be approved for a refund. 

** We reserve the right to reject a refund request in the event that we are not satisfied (acting reasonably) with the supporting evidence you provide to us in your email. 

*** Please note that our Money Back Guarantee only applies for the first purchase of a Teeth Whitening Kit and excludes all other products/future kit orders of Celebrity Smiles® Club products..

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