Fluoride Crystals

Fluoride has received a lot of bad rap over the years, particularly among individuals desiring a more holistic approach to medical and dental care.

Is it safe?

Keep reading for the truth about Fluoride use: Risks and Benefits.

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Holistic Immunity. Solutions for Cold and Flu Season.

There are so many over the counter (OTC) remedies that can help us get over a cold quickly but let’s talk about the ammunition to prevent a cold or feeling run down.

How can we prevent illness? What can we do to arm our immune system so we don’t have to step off our “normal” treadmill and lose our selves in illness, flu and colds that are so common in fall and winter.

Keep reading to learn a few preventive strategies that can help arm you for the cold and flu season that is coming soon.

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Healthy Mouth equals a Healthy Body
Your total health includes not just how you are feeling today but it includes the health of your mouth and body. "Your mouth is the window to your body." Keep reading to find out how you can live a longer and healthier life.
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